Dream it, Live it, Live it again


Born from a strong passion for photography, Fotocam speaks the language of images and aims at the emotions of the most beautiful memories.
Through years of experience in the international tourism market, today Fotocam is alongside the best tour operators in Sicily and Sardinia and manages all the photographic services for individual tourists who, thanks to Fotocam, can take a piece of their holiday with them, perhaps the most precious, a real memory.
With an photographic archive comprising over one million shots that portray in its entirety uses, customs, culture, history and popular traditions, Fotocam over the years has been able to tell memorable moments of people who had lived unforgettable experiences. All this thanks to a team of collaborators capable of capturing those magical moments of a holiday, while the tourist is committed to living them.

Why choose Us

Partner of the best tour operators

Choosing the best ones improves.

Over a million photos

A finish line is just a destination to reach in a long trip.

Passion and Professionality

“It’s the time you lost for your rose that made it so important” A. De Saint Exupery


Thought and action form every human being in his singularity. The only rule of life: to be oneself.


We do not invent anything. We just try to be careful not to lose sight of the time we are experiencing today.

Professional Growth

Every long trip begins with a small step.